Why Should I Include Video In My Online Strategy?

Why Should I Include Video In My Online Strategy?

Video content provides the highest level of communication a brand can have with its customer. The fact that video is an SEO-rich asset, and mobile access to video has become ubiquitous, further drives home the point that if you’re hoping to be competitive online, you must incorporate video.

A few tips regarding online video:

  • Video originality: Custom, original videos add credibility to your message
  • Video quality: High-quality videos statistically beget more views
  • Video formatting: QuickTime and Windows Media are the two main codecs you’ll find, and both will suffice. As a rule of thumb: Always shoot in the highest quality possible.
  • Video naming: Your video naming conventions are important on the front- and back-end of search. Default names do not optimize as well as custom names.
  • Video Tagging: Use tags to speak to the content of video, place where the video was captured, camera the video was taken with, etc. These tags are more visible than regular description tags in search engine algorithms.
  • Optimize on Page: Take advantage of all available text fields related to the video. Utilize anchor tags, anchor text, descriptions, and captions. Make sure the consumer can find the product/service you’re speaking to if the video is living on YouTube or Vimeo.

The succeeding statistics outline some of the most compelling reasons a business should consider incorporating video into its online strategy. (Each statistic is credited with the research group that authored it.) Enjoy!

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