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The Computer Science Skills You Need Were Just Invented

Computer science isn’t new, but what it looks like is. The computer science skills, languages, libraries, and tools professionals use every day are constantly shifting, now more than ever. It’s a field that demands continuous learning, but that anyone can jump into right away. Opportunity is everywhere and endless.

“What makes computer science really interesting is the rate at which it changes means that no one’s ever really at a disadvantage,” said David Joyner, PhD and executive director of online education for the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Joyner teaches several edX courses and programs, from programming in Python to human-computer interaction, to thousands of students of all backgrounds.

“The range of people we see in our programs is what’s indicative of the amount of opportunity there is and the absence of the requirement for a long formal education history.”

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Computers Are Everywhere, You Just Might Not See Them

How we think about and interact with computers has drastically shifted in just a few decades. Computers have evolved from monolithic towers to rectangular blocks on desks to pocket devices we use every day. While they grow in power, they shrink in size and next, you won’t even see them.

“As we go forward, it will be more and more about computers being involved where there are no screens. Computer science is becoming more and more embedded in pretty much every field, and more and more embedded in everyday life,” Joyner said.

In his final weekly column, veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg echoed this trajectory, writing that the trend towards the “disappearing computer” has the potential to create a new world that’s unrecognizable.

“It’s a radically different way of thinking about tech,” Mossberg wrote. “This is ambient computing, the transformation of the environment all around us with intelligence and capabilities that don’t seem to be there at all.”

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