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How To Build A Career In Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of the most coveted and sought after careers in the IT world. The reason for this is simple. Mobile app demands have skyrocketed over the last decade. There is an app for everything from productivity apps to games to music streaming apps, just name it! And to add, it has now become clear that the possibilities of mobile app development are endless.

As a mobile developer, you will be involved in the entire value chain from design stage to app store. This is why it is considered an extremely ‘hands‐on’ career that can both be exciting and challenging in the same breath. If you are considering building a career in mobile app development so that you can build apps for big players like Android and iOS, we made this guide just for you.

Background Training and Skills

An aspiring mobile developer must possess software development skills and knowledge. You can develop mobile development skills by studying computer science or a related course at university.

To become a mobile developer, there are certain skill sets that one must have including software development skills and in‐depth knowledge of coding. And if you are interested in taking it to a higher level, various training programmes springing up all over the world are created for people who want to become mobile developers.

These are some of the basic qualifications you’ll need if you plan to bootstrap into software development:

  • In‐depth knowledge of software design
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) ‐ design‐develop‐testing‐deployment maintenance and long‐term lifecycle ‐ support and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of several programming languages, especially the most relevant ones in the industry including JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, C# or C++ or iOS to mention a few

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Get Proper Training

As with most careers, you need to get adequate training to become a pro mobile app developer. While some people do fine learning most of the tricks and skills through online courses and YouTube, we recommend a more structured training process, like a boot camp. Formal training will expose you to the tools and languages you need to master and you will be provided with a schedule that will walk you through each step.

Since you also need a decent amount of practical experience, finding a job that will allow you to grow your development skills while getting paid will help. You should also look for internship positions at a mobile app company or any other company that may need your developer’s hands.

To achieve this it will require long hours, constant effort, and lots of hard work. For aspiring developers who are motivated, they may be able to Bootcamp themselves, so to speak; while others may prefer paying for admission which is worth it because of the structure and access to knowledgeable practitioners.

Apply for mobile app development opportunities

Learning who’s using which platforms is a part of zeroing in on a development platform, and what other mobile app developers have to say about their employers and their work. This implies that the time spent on job boards to check what’s available in your area will help guide your choices.

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Doing some research about which platforms your target companies are using is a method of narrowing down your search. This will help you save time on job sites and save you a lot of stress. You might want to do a little digging online about your target companies. What’s culture like? What perks are being offered? What are their employees saying? These are some of the questions that you can answer by visiting online developer communities.

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