Exit Sandman: The Life and Career of Mariano Rivera [INFOGRAPHIC]

Exit Sandman: The Life and Career of Mariano Rivera [INFOGRAPHIC]

What inspired you to create this infographic on the career of Mariano Rivera?

His career started to wind down, especially in late August after shooting the “Legends” spots, and I started to watch more. Then he had his emotional final day on the mound at Yankee Stadium. On top of that, you had the social media side — over 130,000 tweets with his name during that last game. After seeing the viral video of Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte walking out to the mound, the emotion started to get to me and everybody else that I watched it with.

I started to notice infographics pop up that, in my mind, didn’t tell the whole story of his life and career. That’s when — as a designer and knowing him personally — I wanted to use what I know how to do to build something that explained his career and his life better than what anybody else could do.

What was your goal in trying to differentiate this infographic from the others?

The easiest part was his stats. Everyone has his stats — you can Google them and look on Wikipedia. You can find his 652 saves. It was tough to find some of the stats we used in this infographic, but the majority of his stats are readily available. Anybody can take his stats and put them in a graph, and they have an infographic.

The story I wanted to tell was from the day he was born, to his family, to illustrating the cardboard glove he used to make as a kid playing on the beach in Panama, to his first to game, to his final. I think it’s neat to show those things side-by-side. His first and last game had a lot of comparisons — the Yankees lost both games, his first game had 15,000 fans, his final game had 50,000. We also went into detail about his famous pitch — the cutter. Yes, we touched on the numbers, but we also included a lot of quotes and things that — in my mind — painted a better picture of him as a human being than just “Mariano Rivera: The Pitcher.”

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