Introduction To Arabic


Standard Arabic is the first language of hundreds of millions of people in 26 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. The Arabic language has a great history and heritage in the fields of literature, theology and science. In this free online Arabic class,

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Overview – Introduction To Arabic

you will be introduced to the Arabic language and you will gain a clear knowledge and understanding of important facets of the language such as the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation of Arabic words, the use of verbs and nouns, and how to read and write simple sentences in Arabic.

As you learn Arabic online, you will also be introduced to basic vocabulary such as days of the week, numbers and colours, which will give you confidence to continue building your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary. This free Arabic language course will be of great interest to professionals who may be conducting business in the Middle East or North Africa and would like to learn the basics of the Arabic language, and to all learners who would like a greater understanding of this fascinating and important world language.


Learning outcome from our online Arabic classes: – Understand the Arabic alphabet; – Learn how to pronounce Arabic words; – Learn how to read and write basic Arabic sentences; – Learn basic Arabic vocabulary.




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