Advanced Songwriting Course – Learn How To Write Song Lyrics for Beginners

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This course will teach you advanced songwriting techniques used by professional songwriters, you will learn things such as song structure, lyric writing, melody writing, rhyme schemes, phrasing, etc.. This course is split into 5 sections which cover over 30 Songwriting topics using a video format – receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course to add to your resume.

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Overview – Advanced Songwriting Course – Learn How To Write Song Lyrics for Beginners

What Will I Learn?
  • You will know and be able to use the EXACT same songwriting process that has been used to write countless #1 songs.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of commercial songwriting. Topics like song structure, melody writing, lyric writing, rhyme schemes, phrasing, etc. are all explained in detail.
  • You’ll be able to AVOID common songwriting mistakes that instantly label you as an amateur to industry professionals…even if you aren’t one!

Ready to Drastically Improve Your Songwriting?

Whether you’ve never written a song in your life, or you’ve been writing for years and want to step up your game…my video course will have you writing songs like the Pro’s.

So there are countless books, videos, and classes that teach songwriting. What makes my video course better, or even different? Good question. All of these other sources can teach you how to write a song. What’s a verse, chorus, bridge, etc…and yes, I will certainly teach you all of these things.

But in addition to the basics of songwriting, I teach you the basics of PRO songwriting. I’ve been a professional and successful songwriter for over 10 years and in this course I show you the exact method my colleagues and I use to write commercial songs every day. The exact same songwriting method that has been used to write countless #1 hit songs on the pop, country, christian, and rock charts!

I’ll also identify the most common mistakes songwriters make that instantly turn off industry professionals. If you’re currently making these mistakes, I can almost guarantee you won’t have success. Sorry…I don’t make the rules…but I know them, and now you can too!


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