A Men’s Primer on Style and Fashion

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Learn the foundational elements of style and fashion that you will need to put together a personal look that’s repeatable, timeless and will turn heads everywhere you go.

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Overview – A Men’s Primer on Style and Fashion

Dress Better Than Anyone in the Room…Without Hiring a Stylist or Spending Tons of Money

  • Discover the backbone behind any personal style with the 4 Pillars of Style
  • Use the Halo Effect with your clothes to implant attractive traits about yourself into the mind of others
  • Express who you are and where you are from regardless of a “mandatory dress code”
  • Boost your confidence and self-image without having to do anything
  • Tell the difference between clothes that FIT and clothes that DON’T.
  • Attract romantic partners and potential business opportunities
  • Build a wardrobe that will be in style regardless of what’s “in”
  • Save time and energy by getting dressed in 5 minutes or less

See, Think, Act, and Get Dressed Like a Fashion Expert

Judging the way men dress nowadays, it seems like men get dressed by accident rather than on purpose.  And it isn’t for a lack of trying but rather a lack of knowledge.  If you look at women’s magazines there’s always something teaching them how to look great but there’s hardly anything in the men’s magazines.  And for that reason, this course was created.

This course is different from any other fashion course because it doesn’t give you outfits and models to copy but gives you the knowledge, reference points, and rules that you can follow so you can look great all by YOURSELF, without the help of stylists or friends.

These days, having a great personality can take you far and will open doors for you.  But having great style and fashion will open doors for you without having to say a word.  You will get treated differently, opportunities that were never available will become everyday occurrences. Improved job promotions and romantic partners will start to come into your life…

All because of an improved fashion sense.

But probably the most desired feeling or outcome that most are after (and will get) is that feeling of finally KNOWING WHAT YOU’RE DOING when it comes to style and fashion!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Point out the 4 core elements needed for any great personal style
  • Become an authority on style and fashion and give advice to others
  • Use a famous psychology principle to get other to associate traits like confidence, intelligence, ambition and wealth to you based solely on how you’re dressed
  • Pick out clothes that naturally highlight your natural features and form
  • Get dressed in 5 minutes or less
  • Set up your closet so you always have something to wear
  • Stand out from everyone else around you and get noticed regardless of whatever dress code you have to follow
  • Attract romantic partners by infusing sexuality into your style
  • Have your clothes start conversations for you with just one special piece of clothing
  • Dress for your body type
  • Get your time and brain power back by spending less time at the mall searching for clothes or in front of your closet
  • Put together more than a week’s worth of outfit with only 10 items of clothing
  • Save money by extending the life of your clothes
  • Stock up on great clothes by going shopping at the RIGHT times of the year


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