Advanced Guide To Body Language

Making a good first impression is not just about what our wardrobe, studies show that people establish an opinion about us within the first two seconds of meeting us, mostly due to the way we carry ourselves in those clothes. Consciously or unconsciously, they try to decode us based on so many bodily gestures, such as eye contact, handshake strength and the way we hold ourselves. It doesn’t stop just there, people also form an opinion about us from the way we talk or convey a message by picking up on our vocal cues.

Our body language is a mirror of our mental state, and our body participates in the matter of conveying or concealing it. To be in self-control means we have to manage our body’s unconscious cues. This guide will show you some techniques to combat these cues when they are about to occur, we will list suggestions towards restraining ourselves from falling into negative bodily gestures when we are in vulnerable situations, and how to convey a confident and assertive body language.

Keeping Your Head in Check

Not visiting the barber regularly, or taking care of your hair’s condition could easily work against you if you’re looking for that great impression you are after. Although, your hair’s condition is very important so is the way you hold it on those shoulders, standing tall and erect conveys that you’re confident and assertive.

Keeping Eyes in line

Having wondering eyes tells people you are uncomfortable or lost, it’s very important to be conscious and in the present moment. When entering a room establishing eye contact with onlookers, shows that you’re confident and approachable. Also, when speaking to someone keeping eye contact tells them that you’re comfortable in their presence and that you are trustworthy and sincere. The only exception is to not stare, try keeping eye contact for a few seconds at a time.

What to do with the Arms

Where you place your arms in conversations tells a lot about your mental state, if the temperate in the room or outside is comfortably warm, crossing your arms shows the other person that you’re being defensive. To combat this, you can lean forward or rest your arms on your lap, to convey assertiveness. However, if you’re on a date, leaning into someone conveys that you’re interested in them, and it indicates to the other person that you’re confident. Also, try to demonstrate your points using hand gestures, it will keep your hands busy from fidgeting around, which is a weak sign of nervousness.

Keeping hands firm and sturdy

A handshake is a big doorway to your mental state, try to always Initiate the handshake, keeping them firm and swift is important, try not to over do it and crash the other person’s bones in the processing of creating a great impression, this conveys you’re confident and ready to take initiative.

How To Position Legs

Having a crossed legs and arms during a conversation indicates that you’re unattentive and will possibly make you seem unapproachable. Also, crossing legs while standing shows that you’re guarded and unsure of yourself. It’s best to only cross your legs when sitting down and without crossing your arms, it’s a very normal sitting position, this conveys to others that you’re sure about yourself and confident.


This in-depth guide to body language should give you some insight into how to improve your body image and how others perceive them. Using these techniques effectively will improve anyone’s dating and professional life dramatically.

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