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9 Powerful Tips To Be More Consistent & Achieve Goals

With anything we do, the more consistent we become, the better it works. Consistency is a secret we all need to use. These tips and techniques will help you overcome the barriers that hold you back from being consistent in life.

1. Deny Instantaneous Gratification

The number one thing that holds people back from being consistent is wanting instant gratification. They want everything immediately.They want things right now. They want to see the results right now. Anything worthwhile does not just happen in an instant. It takes some psychological time to occur. When we understand this, we can stop living for instantaneous gratification.

2. Reason Why

If you are not doing things consistently, and you do not have determination, you do not have enough reason why. It is that simple. You have to dig inside and get that big reason why. When you have the reason, then you can build on the determination.

3. Determination

You have to make sure to have the big reason why you do what you do. Get that determination to go forward. All you need is to change your mentality.

4. Willpower Muscle

Determination builds the willpower muscle. You must have willpower. Not everything we do consistently is going to be fun. You have to flex the willpower muscle every day.

5. Having Faith

Have faith that what you are doing is going to work. When things don’t seem to be going right, when you are committed, and you are not having fun, you need to have faith that it is going to work out. Faith will inspire consistency.

6. Take Risks

Be open. When you take risks, you build your belief that you can accomplish things. Sometimes we get in our fixed corner and play too safe. You have to get out in life and live. The more we live, the more we do. The more we do, the more we fail. Although failure is just a learning experience, it is one that allows us to improve. When we get better, it builds belief and enable us to get more consistent. Be open to abundance. Be open to the possibility. Be open to get out there and take risks.

7. Focus On Successes

Build on your successes. Focus on your accomplishments. Write down your achievements, and once a week look back and go over your accomplishments. This builds consistency by solidifying the belief that you are successful. When you take a risk, and you learn something, you write it down and you are reconditioning yourself and reconfirming that you are successful.

8. Self-fulfilling Prophecy

You want to start focusing on the better things. It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think about bad things, that is what you are going to get. You want to build your belief system by being open, looking at the successes, and where you are focusing.

9. Keep Going

Make your activity consistent. If you’re going to write a book, and you write a page a day, and you do it every day, you will have a finished book. If you want to lose weight, eat right and exercise consistently.

Don’t make the first exception. If want to do something every day, do it every day.Don’t make an excuse, because the first excuse leads to the second excuse, which makes it simple to lead to the third one, and then you are not consistent anymore.

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