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5 Effective Ways To Become a Mobile App Developer

There is no denying that mobile apps are more popular than ever. According to research carried out by experts, Mobile apps are expected to generate around $189 billion in revenue via app stores and in‐app advertising.

A mobile app developer’s average base salary (about $97k per annum) should not cause raised eyebrows because they deserve it, considering they assist companies to earn millions of dollars. However, for app developers, the sum is huge.

The journey to earn a six‐figure salary as a mobile developer is long, but it is achievable. You must be well versed in mobile app designs and development in order to earn such a salary. This article will show you the path to a six‐figure salary earning mobile developer.

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1. Choose One Major Platform

Android, iOS and windows are the major platforms in the mobile app development. But you already know not to go for others like Symbian and Blackberry RIM. You can decide to either go for all three major platforms, or you can pick one out of the three platforms.

Windows 10 apps are springing up but still, they are not the most lucrative, to begin with. It implies that your first stepping stone for the journey to choosing this career will be either to opt for Android apps or iOS apps.

Then, you can expand your horizons to include other app development technologies once you have control over one.

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2. Get the Required Training and Education

Getting the required training and education in software development is indeed important. A good foundation in computer science and software engineering degree will help you get a grasp on the key concepts of designing, programming and data structuring.

You can opt for online courses even if you have passed the graduation age and you are still struggling to begin. There are different online courses that specialise in app development across several web platforms.

3. Master These Three Core Areas

App development requires you to take a stronghold on fundamentals just like any other discipline. The three core concepts are business expertise, programming and mobile user interface design.

4. Practice Your Skills

To keep your skills sharp you need to keep practising consistently this is very important. You are likely to forget when you learn something but you end up not practising it regularly. So, it is very important to consistently practice programming, even development, and coding.

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5. Apply for Internship Positions

It will be amazing if you could make your apps with an established app company. You will be earning and so will the company too.

The important part of an app development internship is learning the processes by which a project is organised and implemented. During your internship, you also get to work on projects throughout the app development cycle.

Once you’re ready, log in to LinkedIn and start applying for internship positions. An internship also serves as the recommendation for your first job as an app developer.

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