12 Foods That Will Magically Improve Your Memory

You might be asking, what does what I eat have to do with my brain? To stern you, it does and it is awful a lot. We grow accustomed to the narrative of what we eat affects our looks: fat or slim. There is mounting scientific research proving what we eat affects our brain too. In fact, 70% of old people dementia cases around the world could have been prevented with proper nutrition. Now that is something that will make you watch what you are eating.

The good news is that food can still be a remedy to our brain woes. There is quite a collection of foods that improve memory and generally our brain health. Here are the top 12 foods in that list:



foods that will magically improve your memory - Blueberries

Apparently, it seems great things have a way of coming in small packages. You can have blueberries all day and every day and be rewarded with a sharp memory for long. They are packed with countless health benefits and they will taste like candy all the way down. They contain high levels of garlic, which protects the brain from stress and degeneration. These two are the big causes of old age loss of memory.


Green vegetable leaves

foods that will magically improve your memory - Green vegetable leaves

You remember Popeye? This guy was obsessed with spinach. He could not have enough of it. It turns out green vegetable leaves can help keep dementia far away from you. In a recent study, adults who frequently ate vegetables faced slow brain deterioration than those who ate none at all. Start to take more serves of those kales, lettuce and chards; and long live your memory.




Seafood lovers you can now smile. Salmon is not only delicious but also good food to your brain. With a rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, your brain just got fuel to run smoothly. Shake your brain fog with something you really love and welcome a sharp memory.


Egg yolks


Finally, egg yolks are getting a bright day in the coveted nutrition list. If you have been all about the white of the egg, it is time you bring in some egg yolks into your plate. Egg yolks contain choline, which is nutritionally known to improve fetal brain development in pregnant women. It also leads to the breakdown of bethane, a chemical that releases happiness triggers. If you are worried about your cholesterol levels, there is a bunch of good news too. Studies have shown that egg yolk has no effect on cholesterol in adults health. If anything, it may help increase levels of good cholesterol.




This green powerhouse is the best fruit ever. Forget about the bad rep it gets for having too much fat; it has what the brain needs to be as sharp as new. It contains folate and vitamin K, both of which prevent brain clots and enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. Isn’t that the healthy bundle you need for good memory?



foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-BroccoliYou remember your mum always had broccoli in your daily meals? Look how you turned out to be a brainy kid and now you are living your dream. She was right; broccoli is one of the best foods for the brain. It is rich in folate and vitamin K that sharpen your brain better than anything you can guess. Hand down the broccoli culture to your children and memory loss will be none of your problems.


Coconut oil

foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-Coconut-oilCoconut oil is credits with 77 cures and uses. It is the most versatile food you can find anywhere. When it comes to your brain, it is no lesser a surprise. It keeps the brain literary oiled and your memory will get better with age. Coconut oil will also be good in getting rid of harmful gut bacteria. How does that sound for a food you never considered as great? Simply amazing.


Rosemary herbs

foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-Rosemary-herbsYou probably know that rosemary oil has many health benefits. But did you know the herbs too are a houseful of health surprises? No, you did not. Rosemary herbs contain carnosic acid. This acid stands guard against brain neurodegeneration. It achieves this by fighting chemical radicals. If left unchecked, these free radicals lead to Alzheimer, brain ageing and degeneration. Armed with this herb, you can comfortably say goodbye to falling memory.



foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-WalnutsIt is official that eating walnuts could be the best thing to keep you from going nuts. Munching a few of these nuts daily marginally improves your cognitive brain functions. These nuts contain a galore of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This package helps with mental alertness and memory.



foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-BeetsBeets have and continue to intimidate many people. It may be because of their (beets) bad childhood recipes or rather their funny shape. However, it is a shame because this is one of the healthiest foods you can have on your plate. These vegetable roots contain nitrate, which enhances blood flow in the brain. This is a recipe for good brain performance and your memory will always be at the top. Having them in your salad or roasted is the best way to increase their benefits.


Bone broth

foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-Bone-BrothBone broth is good for your gut but it is also great when it comes to your brain. It is rich in amino acids and collagen that keep body immunity at its A-game and safeguarding your memory loss. A frequent bowl of born soup could be the difference between memory loss and a sharp one into you sunset years.


Dark chocolate

foods-that-will-magically-improve-your-memory-Dark-chocolateYou were warned against chocolate but one thing was left out: not all chocolates are made equal. Dark chocolate could actually be good for you. It is minimally processed and contains 70% cocoa. It is a source of good nourishment to the brain and will keep your memory sharp and alert. But do not go wild crazy munching every dark chocolate you can lay your hands on. The chocolates in supermarkets have few benefits and are highly processed.



For your dwindling memory, now you have the answers. These foods will be a turn around to your brain woes. Try them today and smile all the way back to your sharp memory.


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