An International Students’ Dream: 10 Countries That Offer Free Education

Having the chance to be able to live abroad and study in a foreign country is every international students’ dream. When you have the opportunity to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and experience different cuisines while meeting new people, it can turn out to be an adventure of a lifetime for students traveling overseas.

For many foreigners, the extensive tuition fees and cost of living when studying overseas can result in giving up the dream and goals of achieving their bachelor degrees. With a little research, we’ve come up with the top 10 countries that offer international students the opportunity to receive a free education:


Considered one of the best countries in the world, Germany sets a strong example for others by offering free tuition to students. All you need to pay is a small university fee of €150-250 to be accepted. It’s a great starting point for international students wanting to pursue their studies while avoiding the often hefty annual tuition fees required by most countries.


Assuming you’re well-versed in Norwegian, regardless of nationality you won’t have any problems gaining entry into graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. The majority of undergraduate courses are taught in the Norwegian language, so if you plan to enroll, it’s best to begin learning the language today!


Sweden Universities charge an application and tuition fee for their study programs for non-members of Nordic countries. In saying that, Ph.D. placements are offered at no charge, and you’ll end up with a monthly salary to top it off!


Austria is a great choice for international students looking to study on a budget. A nominal tuition fee of €730 is required for non-EU students, which is well worth it considering what a beautiful country Austria is to live in.


Finland hasn’t previously charged admission or tuition fees for any level of education. Non-EU students will have to start paying tuition fees from 2017 for all English taught Masters and Bachelor study programs.

Czech Republic

You’ll need to learn the language sufficiently to be able to gain access to free education here. The Czech Republic offers free higher education to all nationalities – however, if you want to be taught in English, a hefty tuition fee will be involved.


Who can’t resist living in the city of love? France offers free education to international students. With an added bonus of seeing the Eiffel Tower, who wouldn’t want to move to France to pursue their studies.


When you’re interested in experiencing a unique culture change, Belgium might be the right choice for you. Offering only a very minimal fee to study at the Belgium universities, applying for education within this country can give you a highly rewarding and unique experience.


Minimal living costs plus low-cost education options. What’s not to like. On top of experiencing an affordable lifestyle while studying your favourite subjects, Greece offers a fantastic cultural experience not to mention has some great sights and attractions to see while you visit.


Reasonable living affordability, free university education to EU citizens, and all the decadent Spanish cuisine that you can eat! Studying in Spain is a dream come true for most international students.

Studying abroad for many international students can be an exciting time for most. Living in a new country, learning the culture and lifestyle, and meeting new people can create many treasured memories for later in life. If you’re looking to study abroad on a budget, find a university that doesn’t require payments or tuition fees. Now that you know the top ten countries that provide free education, all that’s left is to decide which country is best for you.

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